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Acne-Clearing Herbal Creamfor acne and acne scar

After more than fourteen years of research and experiment, the contemporary Chinese famous doctor Ren Fan Ai succeeded in developing one effective herbal formula invention called Acne-Clearing Herbal Cream. Read More

About Acne

Acne occurs when oil and dead skin cells become trapped within the hair follicle, creating a plug within the pore. As the breakout progresses and bacteria invade, the follicle wall may rupture within the dermis, creating inflammation and redness.

Many treatment options for acne are available to those who have acne. It takes time and patience, but nearly every case of acne can be controlled successfully..

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Take good care of your skin every day

Although acne isn't caused by not washing your face, good skin care is still an important step in your acne treatment routine. Use a foaming cleanser every morning and night, preferably one with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. A light, oil-free moisturizer can be used if acne treatments make your skin feel tight, or you have flaking or peeling.

Use the right makeup

If you have pimples, it's natural to want to cover them up. But using comedogenic makeup will only make your acne worse.
Heavy makeup and oil-based foundations can cause a type of acne called acne cosmetica.